VoIP software for both your PC and mobile – Voipbuster

Like I mentioned in my previous post, GlobexTelcom looked quite the same as VoIP discount. When you take a look at Voipbuster website, you may get the feeling that you have seen it somewhere before, just the color is different. Well, you are absolutely right, it has the same website structure with VoIPstunt, and what’s more important, they offer nearly the same VoIP software and service. But they claim on their website that they have free calls and nearly free SMS worldwide, although it’s not free phone to phone calls, the rates are reasonable.

While Voipbuster do have something new in their website, they provide a rates calculator, you select the country you are calling and the country you want to call, you will see the rates right away in Euros. In my case, I select US for both, and it shows calls are free, and SMS is 7.4 cent.

Voipbuster has mobile VoIP softwares as well, and you will not be surprised to find out that the Windows mobile version is not available at the present. They have detailed instructions to help you and you can browse the features they offer too.

Since Voipbuster and VoIPstunt have almost the same VoIP softwares and services, the choice is up to you, and you may want to check out the rates and give it a try.